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Choosing Hockey Goalie Skates

The position of hockey goalie is one of the most important of the team. The position has different demands than the other positions. Accordingly, the goalie also needs specialized equipment that is distinct from the other players. For instance, goalie skates are a special type of hockey skate.

The main difference in hockey goalie skates is the function. Goalie skates work to better protect the goalie at the places where he needs it most. Failing to choose the right skates can result in discomfort and injury to the player. Goalie skates are shorter at the ankle than standard hockey skates, and they have longer, flatter blades. These allow the goalie to be more mobile. These skates have a cowling that helps to break the shots. Hockey shots are very hard, and can bruise or even break the foot. The cowling protects the foot from injury. Goalies do need to be able to move sideways, and to maneuver quickly. Shorter boots and flat blades help to allow this type of action for the goalie.

Goalie skates are often worn more loosely than other players' skates. They still need to provide enough support for skating. Oversized versions may cause the player to lose control or bend the ankles. It is important to get properly fitted for the skates. Buyers should always find out about the fit, which can sometimes vary between skate manufacturers.

Comfort is another huge factor in. Uncomfortable skates can negatively affect performance. Buyers must try to choose the best goalie skates they can afford. This will ensure that there are plenty of comfort features to ensure the goalie's comfort.

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