The Rise Of International Lacrosse

Unless you were living under a box for the past 5 years, then you have probably heard the phrase, Lacrosse is the fastest growing sport in America. This is very true. Lacrosse teams are growing at an exponential rate, and there is a huge shorted of coaches. Everyday, another person learns what lacrosse is, and how to play it.

America seems to be embracing the sport of lacrosse, but what about other countries? Has Lacrosse become a household word in Europe?

The answer: Yes. Lacrosse is flourishing across the world, particularly in Europe and Asia. But it has not been an easy task to bring lacrosse around the world. With the United States and Canada dominating almost every Menís World Lacrosse Championships, it has isolated the lesser known teams.

Another hardship the lacrosse had to face is that it is not an Olympic Sport. It was an official Olympic sport until 1908, when the committee banned it. However, with the huge growth in popularity from the last 5 years, the Olympic Committee looks poised to add it. Perhaps a reason that the Olympic Committee do not want it in the games, is because it is always dominated by the U.S. or Canada.

Canada is the only country, besides the United States, to have lacrosse as a household name. Considering that it is their National Sport, they probably should know about lacrosse. Many people believe hockey is Canadaís national sport, but they have been playing lacrosse a long time before they started playing hockey.

Lacrosse has had to endure strong adversity, and times of hardship. But it has succeeded, and is now stronger than ever. It will take a few more years for lacrosse to become popular in every country, but at the rate it is growing, do not expect it to take a long time.

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