Lacrosse Helmets Are Built For Protection

Any lacrosse player knows that a quality helmet is a necessity for participating in this thrilling game. When outfitting for lacrosse, the player needs to choose well-made lacrosse helmets. It is best to start by looking for one that fits properly. When choosing helmets online, customers should always be sure to measure the head of the player to get the proper size. The site staff should be available to answer any questions about fitting. Poorly fitting helmets can be almost as bad as not wearing one at all. An improperly fitted helmet can slip and cause poor vision, or at the very least be a distraction for the player.

Lacrosse helmets are typically made from high impact plastic. The better helmets can withstand direct impact, and disperse the energy from the impact throughout the helmet to reduce damage. This dispersal of G-force lowers the risk of injury from a direct hit to the head. As with most protective sports gear, it is often wise to purchase the most expensive models available. Newer models usually incorporate improved features. Players may also want to find helmets that are customizable with specific team colors. Choosing helmets from a reputable online company ensures that the buyer receives equipment that is high quality and meets all the current standards and team regulations.

Lacrosse helmets come with a fitted liner to help assure proper fit, and to reduce heat. Some come fitted with foam inserts, allowing for ease of fit and comfort. Many helmets also include facemask protection. Goalie helmets include an added throat protector.

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