Lacrosse Bags - Choosing the Best

Lacrosse players often have to carry a lot of equipment, such as balls, sticks, shirts, shoes, and towels. Bags made specifically for lacrosse gear allow you to keep your stuff organized while protecting them from bumps and scratches during transport. Lacrosse bags can be made for a particular piece of lacrosse equipment or designed to carry an entire lacrosse set. There are different styles of lacrosse bags available. Here are some of your options.

Types of lacrosse bags

Lacrosse bags can be carry-on bags, shoulder bags, duffel bags, or back-packs. Most of them are made from durable fabrics such as nylon and polyester, and are usually waterproof and lightweight.

They can also be made for a specific type of equipment or for general storage and transport. The latter usually follows the form of the equipment, such as the narrow shaft and wide head of a lacrosse stick. Lacrosse stick bags have straps on one side so that they can be carried over the shoulder. Lacrosse ball bags, on the other hand, usually have wide bottoms and cylindrical bodies. They are designed to carry several lacrosse balls and may be slung over the shoulder or hand-carried.

There are also duffel-style lacrosse bags. These are usually big and wide, and may be carried by hand or over the shoulder. This style is ideal for lacrosse sets including balls, sticks, and apparel. Some even have special compartments for smaller items such as shoes and water bottles.

Lacrosse bags came in different styles and colors, choosing one may depend on your style-preference. Before buying however, make sure that you check on basic features such as durability and waterproofing.

Buying tips

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